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Minimalist Wrought-Iron Desk Lamp


Where the merging of practicality and exquisiteness adds to the charm of a living space, this modern desk lamp is minimalist yet classy. The classic, retro look of a wrought-iron handle and fine wooden base gives it a firm contact with any surface, with the black and nude color making it conveniently blend with any household decor, whiles standing out with the right amount of glow. The problem of lamps being either too bright or too dim is eliminated with its right degree of illumination and an amount of wattage which renders it durable and formidable. The base takes minimum space on your desk/stand aiding in the avoidance of unnecessary clutter and allowing you a great deal of ease in navigating your interior space. It is ideal for the creative personality with stylish taste.

• A Minimalist Lamp at a Minimal Price
• Shadeless
• Plated iron and wooden body material
• Two years warranty
• Black frame color with an iron finish
• Modern style
• Bulbs Included
• 110v, 220-240v Voltage
• 16-20W Wattage
• Incandescent/LED bulb light source
• Ideal for Living Room, Study, Bedding Room

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