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Theia Modern Desk Lamp


Take your interior decor a whole new level of awesomeness with our Theia modern desk lamp, with a design concept that evokes the beauty of light and the fascination for illuminating shades, so named after the Greek goddess of the moon and the sun, Theia. With a firm iron metallic finish and body, it is the perfect fixture for your home. The desk lamp is made up of an overlapping pair of half-spheres with a smoky and glassy shade, giving it the ideal look which not only glows but warms an interior. No worries with lifting and moving it just to find the right angle, it can be adjusted with just an easy swivel. Its rotatable feature makes it convenient not only for reading but also for providing overall lightning for your space. Ideal for modern homes, it can be used in the living room, study, at the bedside table or even as a floor lamp.

● Contemporary style
● Rotatable
● Two years warranty
● On/off switch and LED bulbs light source
● A voltage of 220V with a DC power source
● Ideal for homes in the study, living room or at the bedside
● Rotatable with an easy swivel

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